Community events and festivals fund - funding criteria and guidance notes

Selection criteria

The community events and festivals fund aims to support new community events that will deliver high quality, innovative locally-focused events.

Applicants will need to show that the proposed event meets all of the following criteria:

Economic benefit

We are looking to encourage new events that support the district’s economy and local residents through increasing visitor numbers and spend. In particular, events that will:

  • Generate income for the local economy.
  • Help to procure goods and services locally where possible.
  • Contribute towards meeting the council’s strategic objectives around shaping places and developing prosperity.
  • Have local business involvement.
  • Show variety in their offer to attract different customers.

Financially viable/value for money

It is important that:

  • events are not a burden on residents, business or the taxpayer
  • of a scale and nature appropriate to their surroundings, also reflecting their intended purpose
  • event costs should be realistic and evidence will be required with any bid to show that funding is required and that the overall costs are proportionate to the scale and nature of the event.


Event organisers will need to demonstrate that the event will be well managed and that appropriate consideration has been given to the impact on and safety of local communities.

As part of any submission, organisers will have to show they have the knowledge, skills and capacity to deliver the event independently and effectively.

Promotes the district and engages the community

We are keen that events help to promote the district and engage with residents and local communities. Applicants should show in their applications how these aims will be achieved having particular regard to:

  • Promoting Lichfield District as a vibrant and attractive place to live, work and visit.
  • Encouraging community engagement - residents and businesses, and promoting civic pride in events and festivals.
  • Supporting cultural, economic, community and social growth for the benefit of the district.

Environmental impacts

Please ensure the environmental impact of your event is taken into account in the planning and management of an event.

Please demonstrate how your event will suitably address:

  • Any possible impacts of noise, vibration, fumes and disruption on local communities and the environment.
  • Waste management (including minimising visitor and trade waste) and managing risk of spillages and surface damage to/on the local environment, including plans for cleaning up after an event and suitably restoring a site/location.
  • Promotion of the use of recycled materials.

Receiving a grant

To receive a grant you must have a suitable company bank account.


We will pay the grant to successful applicants in advance and subject to receipt of the signed grant offer letter.

You will need to provide evidence of the following:

  • Venue/location permission
  • Relevant licenses – if applicable
  • Road closure permission – if applicable
  • Proof of public liability insurance

Activity reporting

Organisations awarded a grant will be required to complete and submit a report back form providing information on:

  • how allocated monies have been spent
  • how the event met the selection criteria above.

The form must be submitted to us no later than four weeks after the event has taken place.


We will publish details of grant awards and may include information about funded activity in council publications.

Our support of the event through the community events fund should be acknowledged in any publicity or information relating to the activity for which the funding has been awarded by displaying our logo on all event publicity. This will be sent to you separately, together with guidance on its use, should your application be successful.