Key steps for event organisers

If you are organising an event for the public on public land, the city/district streets or in a district council owned park, you need to make sure you have the right plans in place to ensure the health, safety and welfare of anyone working at or attending the event.

In this event guidance section, we set out what you need to consider when putting on an event in Lichfield District, and how the Lichfield District Safety Advisory Group may get involved in the planning stages to make sure you are considering specific safety concerns and have all the right licenses and permissions. 

This group is made up of organisations, including the district council, county council, police and fire service and more. It generally works with event organisers if over 2,000 visitors are expected at the event, or if the event is considered to be high risk.

Let us know

If you are planning to hold an event in Lichfield District, please fill in an event notification form, so we can see the scale of the event and whether it needs to be considered in more detail by the safety advisory group (SAG). 

We will then let you know whether the safety advisory group needs to work with you to make sure the correct planning and safety procedures are put in place.

Street trading and special event status

If you are planning to hold an event that includes street trading, such as market stalls or mobile caterers, you will need to ensure your traders apply for street trading licences in place. You may wish to apply for special event status to benefit from subsidised street trading licence fees. 

Find out more about street trading.

Hire a park in Lichfield District

If you would like to hire a park, such as Beacon Park or Stowe Pool/Fields, please see our guidance and application forms.


From landowner consent and road closures, to licensing and street trading, there are a number of permissions you will need to gain. See our permissions page to find out more.

Event management plans and risk assessments

Whether you are working with the safety advisory group or not, we recommend that all event organisers complete an event management plan and risk assessments.

If you are working with the safety advisory group, you will need to present your draft event management plan to the group three months before the event, and a final plan at least one week before your event.