Key steps for event organisers

If you are organising an event for the public on public land, the city/district streets or in a district council owned park, you need to make sure you have the right plans in place to ensure the health, safety and welfare of anyone working at or attending the event.

In this event guidance section, we set out what you need to consider when putting on an event in Lichfield District.

Before you submit an expression of interest application to run an event in Lichfield District, please refer to our events policy and guide to organising an event.

Applying for permission to hold an event in 2021

Please note: applications for 2021 are now closed.

If you are considering running an event in Lichfield District, you will need to apply for permission, if your event:

  • is an outdoor event that has more than 500 people in attendance at any one time during the advertised event opening hours
  • is an event that is open to the general public and involves one or more consented activity (street trading, alcohol or entertainment)
  • may require a formal road closure

You do not need to use this application form if you are looking to organise a street party for national celebrations, street play/games or for commemorative parades. If you do need to apply for a temporary road closure to enable one of these activities to take place safely, you will need to apply for a road closure.

Application procedure

Expressions of interest and event applications

There is a single application point to apply to run an outdoor event or festival, so that we can:

  • co-ordinate large events across the district
  • avoid event clashes
  • ensure events contribute towards our ambitions for events
  • meet health and safety and any licensing requirements

Stage 1 – expression of interest event application

Applications are now closed for 2021 events.

To hold an event in 2022, expression of interest applications must be made between 1 April and 30 April 2021.

All expressions of interest applications will be evaluated against a set criteria using a scoring matrix, further details of this can be found in our guide to organising an event in Lichfield District.

Stage 2 – full event application

If your expression of interest event application is agreed in principle, you will be sent a link to make your full event application and will be expected to pay the relevant financial deposits

We may not agree to an event which does not meet the approved aims of this policy. Where this is the case, this will impact on the necessary consents for the use of any council land, street trading or LDC approved road closures. For further information please refer to our guide to organising an event in Lichfield District.

Hire a park in Lichfield District

If you would like to hire a park, such as Beacon Park or Stowe Pool/Fields, email our park events team or call 01543 308168.


From landowner consent and road closures, to licensing and street trading, there are a number of permissions you will need to gain.

Event management plans and Safety Advisory Group risk assessments

The Lichfield District Safety Advisory Group may get involved in the planning stages to make sure you are considering specific safety concerns and have all the right licenses and permissions. 

This group is made up of organisations, including the district council, county council, police and fire service and more. It generally works with event organisers if over 2,000 visitors are expected at the event, or if the event is considered to be high risk.

Whether you are working with the safety advisory group or not, or you are managing an event that is not covered by this policy and procedure, we recommend that all event organisers complete an event management plan and risk assessments.

If you are working with the safety advisory group, you will need to present your draft event management plan to the group three months before the event, and a final plan at least two weeks before your event.