Fit for the future

Every year we spend over £10 million to deliver a range of services, from leisure centres and planning, to emptying bins and supporting local businesses.

We’ve been cutting costs for a number of years and have saved £4.8 million in recent years.

Due to further and ongoing cuts in our funding from government that will take place in the coming years, we need to continue to find new ways to save and become more efficient.

This is being delivered through a programme called Fit for the Future.

Making savings and delivering efficiencies

During the summer of 2013 councillors approved a package of proposed measures worth around £1 million, which together formed the first phase of Fit for the Future.

The first phase proposals included changes and reductions in community and partnerships, leisure and operational services. 

As part of phase two of Fit for the Future, we are now working to save more than £1.7 million, and we face significant cuts in future years. To do this our councillors may face some difficult decisions about which services we should continue to provide, what we can cut or reduce, and which services we could charge for to raise more income.

Decisions will be taken through our democratic process and where appropriate will be considered in public by our Overview & Scrutiny committees, Cabinet and Full Council. To keep up to date on meetings visit

How are we feeding your views in?

We asked for your views on how we should shape our services, as part of Fit for the Future, in the summer of 2014.

More than 1,400 people gave their views through the questionnaire, and thank you to everyone who submitted their views.

Through the questionnaire, we wanted to find out what services you use, which ones you think are important and not so important, whether you support a range of ideas to change our services, and more. We needed this information so that councillors know what local people think and want when they decide on future changes to our services.

The views given have been, and will be used ongoing, to help shape the decisions councillors make about our future budgets next year and in coming years.

Your View questionnaire

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who gave their views. We are very grateful to everyone who took time to fill in the questionnaire and give us their thoughts.

We regularly carry out questionnaires and surveys on a wide range of issues. To keep up to date and give your views, visit