Our publication scheme

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, we have an obligation to produce a publication scheme which sets out what, where and how we publish information.

Since the introduction of the act, we have responded to hundreds of FOI requests, including lots of frequently asked requests.

Before sending us your FOI, why not find out if we have already published the information you are looking for:

We also publish a wealth of information elsewhere which is detailed in our publication scheme. Find out more about our publication scheme below:

About our publication scheme

Our publication scheme sets out the following:

  • The classes in which we intend to publish information
  • How we intend to publish information
  • Whether we will charge people for the information

You already have the right of access to your own personal information held by us under the Data Protection Act 1998.

The Publication Scheme sets out details of other information held by us and which we make available to the public or intend to make available in the future.

Our publication scheme is based on our directorates. Within each directorate a class of information is shown in bold italics.

Each class then has a description, details of how the information is held, whether there is a charge for a copy of the information, whether any specific information is exempt and who to contact to access the information.

View our publication scheme and model scheme


Some of the information contained within a class may be subject to an exclusion from the Freedom of Information Act. Briefly, these are:

  • Personal information about individuals. Usually such information is subject to the Data Protection Act 1998.
  • Commercially sensitive information. This covers a wide range of situations but could include situations where publishing the information might prejudice our contractual negotiations or give an unfair advantage to others wishing to bid for a council contract.
  • Information which, if published, might prejudice the health and safety or the security of the council, its employees, systems, services or property.

We will only maintain an exclusion for as long as is necessary.

Formats available

We publish information in a range of formats, such as leaflets, booklets, posters or reports. The publication scheme states which formats we are currently using for the type of information under the class and how and where it can be obtained.

It is our intention that as new information comes into existence we may decide to publish it in other formats.


Much of the information we publish is freely available. However, we do make a charge for copies of some documents. If any of the information within a particular description is subject to a charge, we indicate this within the scheme.

Some charges are based on prescribed statutory fees, while we set other charges. These charges generally reflect the cost of copying or publishing the information. Some charges may reflect the cost of extracting the information from our records.

How to make an FOI

We respond to FOI requests within 20 working days, which starts the next working day after we receive requests.

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Questions about our publication scheme?

If you have any queries about our publication scheme or information about your rights under the Data Protection Act 1998, please write to:

Monitoring Officer, Lichfield District Council, District Council House, Frog Lane, Lichfield, Staffs, WS13 6YU