Energy saving advice

Cavity wall insulation

Around a third of heat loss from a property is through its walls, according to the Energy Saving Trust. Installing cavity wall insulation can save £160 a year on heating bills.

Cavity wall insulation is fitted by drilling holes in the exterior wall of the property and then blowing insulating materials into the cavity that exists between the bricks.

If your home was built between 1920 and 1990, it will probably have cavity walling that can be filled, if it is not already.

The cavity must be at least 50mm thick to allow insulation to be fitted. In certain circumstances such as if there is a large conservatory on one wall or a carport then it may be necessary to drill from the inside or not possible to insulate the wall at all. If this is the case it will be pointed out during a survey.

If you think your property has cavity walls that are uninsulated, call Warmer Homes, Greener District on 0800 677 1543 for information on any current grants and to find a trusted local installer.