Energy saving advice

Solid wall insulation

Many homes in Lichfield District are of solid wall construction, mainly those built pre-1930, but also some more modern ones too.

Solid wall homes are often poorly insulated and can lose around 45% of heat through the walls. The Energy Saving Trust estimate that installing external wall insulation can save around £260 per year on heating bills.

Solid wall insulation is a relatively new concept, and it involves insulating the exterior of the walls with specialist insulating materials and applying a waterproof and sometimes decorative render over the top. The process can be complex and expensive, but the effects significant in relation to the comfort of and cost of heating the home. In the UK, more and more people are benefitting from external wall insulation.

If you think your property has solid walls and you are interested in solid wall insulation, call Warmer Homes, Greener District on 0800 677 1543 for information on any current grants and to find a trusted local installer.