Our homelessness service

Homelessness application process

If the best option for you is to submit a homelessness application, we will support you through the process.

As part of the process you will need to provide as much information/evidence as possible, including proof/evidence that demonstrates:

  • you are eligible for assistance
  • you are homeless
  • you are in priority need
  • you are not intentionally homeless
  • you have a local connection to the Lichfield District

The types of evidence you will need to provide includes:

  • a notice to audit or eviction notice
  • a letter from people you are living with stating the date on which you must leave
  • a letter from your employer stating that you must leave, if your accommodation is linked to your job
  • details of your income and outgoings, if you are being evicted for non-payment of rent or mortgage

We also need to know if you are pregnant and/or have dependent children living with you. Proof could be:

  • a pregnancy certificate from a GP
  • child benefit books
  • care & control document from a court
  • birth certificates

The help we can give you may depend on whether you are classed as vulnerable. Documents which could demonstrate vulnerability are:

  • a letter from a health care professional
  • proof of age if you are over 60 or under 18
  • details of a medical condition or disability

We will assist and advise you whether or not you have a local connection to the area, but may only help you with accommodation if you can demonstrate a link to the Lichfield District. Proof could be:

  • evidence that you or a close relative lives in the district (e.g. a utility bill or driving licence)
  • a letter from your employer, if you work in the district 

In certain circumstances, we may help you with temporary accommodation while a decision is made on your application.

We will always try to keep this within the district and will avoid bed and breakfast accommodation wherever possible. Local hostel accommodation is owned by housing associations and inspected annually by us to make sure it is of a reasonable standard.