Severe weather emergency protocol for rough sleepers

The severe weather emergency protocol is currently INACTIVE.

We have a protocol that is designed to get rough sleepers into emergency temporary accommodation during severe weather (called the SWEP). Our protocol was designed in line with government guidance.

When the protocol is activated, anyone who is rough sleeping can contact us to access emergency accommodation whilst the protocol is active, regardless of their eligibility under homelessness legislation.

Our housing options team checks the predicted temperatures on a regular basis at BBC weather, and updates this page when the SWEP is activated. We also notify all organisations and individuals who may come across rough sleepers during the course of their daily activities.

If you are sleeping rough, or know of someone who is sleeping rough, and need help to get into temporary accommodation whilst the SWEP is active, call our housing options team on 01543 308703 or 01543 308709 or 01543 308711 or outside of office hours call 01543 574480.

COVID-19 update

As COVID-19 continues, we have agreed a policy that anyone who we are satisfied is rough sleeping will be offered emergency accommodation in the same way that they would if the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol was active. We will undertake enquiries to determine whether a person is or has been rough sleeping prior to providing any accommodation.