Social/housing association homes

Social housing (or housing association homes) gives people access to homes that are often cheaper than privately rented housing, and usually provide a longer-term tenancies.

Renting a social home means people can have a more settled/secure home - instead of a six or twelve-month contract that may require you to move at the end, you have the opportunity to stay for years and make your house a home, with much more protection from eviction. There are also additional benefits, such as mutual exchange, which can allow you to move/swap homes with another housing association tenant. Social rents are aligned with local incomes to keep rent more affordable - changes to social rents are controlled by central government.

Applicants are given a priority banding, based on their housing need. All applications will also be given an application date. When housing association houses are allocated, they are offered out to those who have expressed an interest, based on their priority banding, and who has been waiting the longest - read our letting scheme policy to find out more.

Social housing in Lichfield District is managed by housing associations. Housing associations are independent from the council, are regulated by the Regulator of Social Housing and have to meet set standards.

Housing association properties in Lichfield District are let through an online lettings system called HomesDirect. The register is open to families, couples and single people aged over 18, however there are some exceptions to this rule. Registering with HomesDirect means you only have to register once to join the waiting list to view/express an interest in all locally available housing association homes (across a wide variety of housing associations).

Register for a housing association home (with HomesDirect)

If you, or friend of family member is a vulnerable person who requires additional support to live independently, for example people with learning difficulties or mental health problems, find out about local supported housing.