Energy advice and grants

If you need to improve the energy efficiency of your home, or are struggling to stay warm in winter/afford your energy bills, our Warmer Homes, Greener District freephone advice line (provided on our behalf by Beat the Cold) could help.

The help line offers impartial over-the-phone advice on:

  • How to stay warmer in winter.
  • Problems with heating and hot water.
  • Fuel bills, fuel debt and dealing with energy suppliers.
  • What grants and assistance is currently available.
  • Energy efficiency improvements and renewable technologies.

The team can also help you access grants and other financial assistance to improve the energy efficiency of your home or to help pay energy bills.

Call the energy advice line for free on 0800 677 1543.

Green Homes Grant

On the 8 July the Government announced financial incentives of up to £5,000 will be made under the £2 billion Green Homes Grants scheme. For those on the lowest incomes, the scheme will fully fund energy efficiency measures of up to £10,000 per household.

Energy saving measures include upgrades, such solid wall insulation, cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and air source heat pumps.

Find out more and how to apply

There will be many other companies that will be marketing access to the funding and residents are advised to check carefully the credentials of the company and call Warmer Homes, Greener District for guidance if you are unsure.

For advice about how to access this and other grants please call our Warmer homes, Greener District energy advice line on 0800 677 1543.

Staffordshire Warmer Homes

If you do not already have gas central heating and you claim benefits or tax credits, have a low or no income, are disabled, elderly or have very young children, you may be eligible for the Staffordshire Warmer Homes programme, which fully funds the installation of first time central heating systems into eligible homes across Staffordshire.

Apply online or freephone 0333 202 4481.

Visit out energy saving section for information on some of the key energy efficiency measures, ways to reduce your energy use and advice on bills, tariffs and more.