Local plan allocations

The local plan allocations document is the second part of the local plan for Lichfield District and follows the local plan strategy which was adopted in February 2015. The local plan allocations document will be progressed to consider a range of issues and add further detail to the strategic policy within the adopted plan.

Local plan allocation examination report

The inspector appointed to conduct the examination is Mike Fox BA(Hons) DIPTP MRTPI. The programme officer is Helen Wilson. Details of the examination are available on the examination website which is maintained by the programme officer.

The Council has now received the inspectors report following the examination of the Local Plan Allocations. This was issues in April 2019 and concludes that the Local Plan Allocations document is sound with the modifications proposed and consulted on.

Examiners report on the examination of the Lichfield District Local Plan Allocations

Appendix to the examiners report on the examination of the Lichfield District Local Plan Allocations

Local plan allocations examination and main modifications

Following the hearing sessions the council received notification from the Planning Inspector that a number of changes to plan, known as ‘Main Modifications’ were considered necessary to address the issues of soundness. The Council consulted upon these modifications between December 2018 and February 2019. The suggested modifications can be viewed using the link below:

Local plan allocations suggested main modifications

Lichfield District Council has prepared a Schedule of Proposed Main Modifications to the Local Plan Allocations which is a formal stage of the examination process. This document was published for the consultation along with a number of supporting documents which are available below. The supporting documents are:

This consultation closed on 6 February 2019.

Local plan allocations submission

On 15 May 2018, our full council resolved to submit the local plan allocations document for examination. The local plan allocations document was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate on 31 May 2018. The submission local plan allocations document and its supporting documentation can be viewed below:

We have produced a submission document list of those documents submitted alongside the local plan allocations document. This list will be updated as necessary.

Previous local plan allocations consultations

Please note these stages of the consultation have closed. Please note that copies of all comments received will be made available for the public to view, including your name and therefore cannot be treated as confidential. For more information on data protection please see the privacy notice.

Local plan allocations - focused changes consultation (2018)

We undertook a second consultation on the local plan allocations - local plan allocations - focused changes (Regulation 19), which was held between 8 January and 19 February 2018. The local plan allocations - focused changes document updates the version consulted upon between March and May 2017.

All representations submitted to the consultation can be viewed via the consultation portal. View a summary of the representations summary along with our response.

Local plan allocations consultation (2017)

The first draft local plan allocations consultation held between March and May 2017 can still be viewed, but have been superseded.

All representations submitted to the first draft local plan allocations consultation (Regulation 19) held between March and May 2017 can be viewed via the consultation portal.

Local plan allocations open consultation (2016)