Council urges local businesses to waste less plastic

sales person holding flyers in the kitchen shop in lichfield

Through its Joint Waste Service with Tamworth, Lichfield District Council is encouraging businesses across the district to cut down on their use of single-use plastics.

With the increasing awareness of the harm it is doing to the environment, Lichfield District Council launched its Waste Less Plastic campaign in September 2019. It highlighted the issue of plastic pollution and how to avoid plastic packaging and throwaway items to its residents.  

In the second phase of the campaign, the council is now urging local businesses to consider how they can cut down the amount of plastic their businesses produce and to encourage them to recycle more.

As part of this the council has produced a flyer that features six tips about how to avoid using or producing single-use plastic in their businesses.

The tips are to:

  • Sell items, such as fruit and vegetables, loose rather than in packaging
  • Encourage customers to bring their own cups and charge extra for single-use
  • Provide paper bags and encourage customers to use their own
  • Offer condiments in bottles and jars
  • Use washable plates and cutlery or biodegradable takeaway items
  • Switch to paper straws and only offer them when requested

The tips will be most relevant to shops, bars and cafes, but all businesses can take a moment to consider how they can reduce the plastic they generate.

The council is also using the initiative to encourage local businesses to recycle as much of their waste as possible. They can do this by setting up a recycling collection.

The shared waste service offers business waste and recycling collections. These can be arranged by calling the team on 01543 687580 or 01543 687588 or by emailing

Councillor Andy Smith, Lichfield District Council’s Acting Cabinet Member for Recycling & Leisure, said: “We know that shoppers and customers are very concerned about plastic pollution, and it is really important that all businesses look at how they can reduce the impact they have on the environment. 

“If our local businesses embrace our tips, they will really help to cut down the waste we produce as a district.

“It’s also vital that all businesses look to recycle as much of the waste they produce as possible. From plastic bottles to glass jars, we can help local businesses to up their recycling game.”

Published: 31 January 2020