Are you struggling to pay your rent?

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If you have been affected by Covid-19 and are now finding it hard to cover the rent, you may be entitled to a discretionary housing payment.

Lichfield District Council is calling out to its residents who are in financial difficulties due to the coronavirus pandemic, and who have either fallen behind in their rent or are unable to meet their upcoming payments.

The council has a discretionary housing payments fund aimed at people who either receive housing benefit or the housing element of universal credit, but the payments do not cover the full cost of their rent.

Anyone who fits this criteria can apply to the council for a discretionary housing payment. There is no fixed rate and all payments are subject to a financial assessment. 

Councillor Rob Strachan, Cabinet Member responsible for Revenues & Benefits, said:

“As Covid-19 has affected so many people financially those who have been able to cover their rent in the past may now be struggling.

“This is why we want to remind everyone who receives housing benefit, or the housing element of universal credit, that we may be able to help.  

“The most we can pay is the difference between the benefit you already receive and your eligible housing costs, but we know people may be struggling and where we can help to fill that gap, we will.

“Please remember, if you are making an application, to send us evidence that you receive the housing cost element of universal credit and a recent rent statement. We can’t process your application without this information.”

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Published: 11 August 2020