Bin stickers to promote better recycling habits

waste operative placing sticker on blue bin

Stickers to remind local households that black bin liners should not be used in blue bins.

Through the Lichfield and Tamworth Joint Waste Service, Lichfield District Council and Tamworth Borough Council are busy putting stickers on all blue bins across Lichfield, Burntwood, Tamworth and the surrounding areas.

The stickers warn local households that black bin bags should not be used in blue bins, and that bins will not be emptied if they are.

This comes after five truck-loads of recycling were recently turned away from the recycling sorting plant due to recycling being contaminated with black bin liners.  

If a load of recycling is rejected, unfortunately it ends up being sent to landfill, which costs more, wastes other people’s recycling efforts, and is bad for the environment.

Councillor David Leytham, Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet Member for Operational Services, Leisure & Waste, said:

“To reduce the chance of recycling being rejected by our sorting plant, we need to make sure our residents know what can and can’t go in blue bins.

“This is why we’re putting stickers on blue bin lids, so everyone is aware that we won’t empty the bin if it contains recycling in black bin bags.

“Our preference is for recycling to be loose in your blue bin. However, if you want to bag it, please use a clear bag or simply empty the bag of recycling into your blue bin and then reuse the plastic bag.”

Published: 11 December 2018