Council reluctantly returns to ‘in person’ meetings

District Council house in Lichfield

We are looking at ways of continuing to broadcast live council meetings online following national rule changes

Changes to guidelines governing council meetings mean that all council meetings will need to return to being held ‘in person’ from 7 May but can still be broadcast to the public online.

The Planning Committee on Monday 10 May and Cabinet meeting on Tuesday 11 May will be broadcast online. Details of how to access these meetings is available on the Calendar of Meetings page of our website. 

Diane Tilley, chief executive of Lichfield District Council said:

“We’ve really seen the value of online meetings over the past year and had excellent engagement from our local community. It’s a shame to see this opportunity removed following the failure of a legal challenge last week and the legislation which gave us the ability to hold virtual meetings falling away on 7 May.  

“We will continue to look at the different options available that will enable us to broadcast our meetings online. Our initial challenge is arranging meetings that comply with covid safety guidelines and maintain social distancing. This means we can’t yet hold full council meetings in our council chamber.

An alternative location for our scheduled Annual General Meeting on 18 May is being sourced that will allow members of the public to attend, though this capacity will be very limited until restrictions ease.”

Published: 5 May 2021