Cabinet to discuss new recycling options

mixed recycling in a row

The proposed changes would see recycling rates improve with minimal financial implications.

Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet will debate the future of recycling collections when they meet on Tuesday 6 July 2021. 

Following extensive work with other Staffordshire local authorities and waste disposal contractors, the report recommends the Joint Waste Service for Lichfield and Tamworth change how recycling is collected and disposed of.

The proposed new system would see residents separate their paper and card from their glass, cans and plastics, and be provided with an additional bin or bag. Many other local authorities use this system, which is shown to increase recycling rates.

Councillor Ashley Yeates, Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet Member responsible for Recycling, said:

“How we collect and dispose of recycling is changing right across the country. The previous method of putting all the recycling in one bin just doesn’t allow enough of the material to be effectively recycled. Too much of our recycling is contaminated and cannot be effectively reprocessed, which means we recycle less.

“Like many authorities, we’re looking at how we can adapt our collections to improve recycling rates. Separating out the paper and card is an important step we can take to improve what we send to be recycled.

“Any proposed changes will not happen before the summer of 2022, so there will be plenty of time to prepare and make the switch as simple as possible.”

Read the full report.

Tamworth Borough Council will consider the proposals on Thursday 8 July.


Published: 28 June 2021