Burntwood Producer’s Market postponed

image of statue, Burntwood miner and scamp

Council leaders express disappointment at Producers’ Market cancellation

The leaders of Burntwood Town Council and Lichfield District Council have expressed their disappointment that the proposed Producers’ Market, which was to be held this Sunday between 11am and 4pm at Sankey’s Corner, has been cancelled after the events organiser withdrew. 

Councillor Sue Woodward, Leader of Burntwood Town Council, said:

“It is disappointing that the event isn’t going to go ahead, not for just us but for all of the people who saw this as a really positive opportunity for the town and were intending to visit. It’s also very disappointing that the event organiser, CJ Events, informed stall holders that the event had been cancelled, leaving us no option but to cancel the event and stall holders to make alternative arrangements.

“We all want to work together towards a better Burntwood on this, and we will look at some new dates for the market and other projects we have in the pipeline.”

Councillor Doug Pullen, Leader of Lichfield District Council, said:

“I’m personally upset that the event organiser cancelled without warning, despite our assistance to obtain the correct licenses. The Producers’ Market was part of a pilot scheme, supported by funding from Lichfield District Council and delivered by Burntwood Town Council, so we’re all frustrated that it has not come to fruition. The two councils are determined that the market will happen at some stage as part of the strong and developing partnership between us.”

Published: 9 July 2021