Review of the new joint recycling scheme launched

Following the recent roll out of the new blue bags and purple bins to separate paper and card from other recycling, Councillor Liz Little of Lichfield District Council has launched a review of the implementation and operation of the new scheme.

Councillor Little said

“We know that there have been some teething problems with the roll out of the service, but we also know that the same system has been successfully adopted in other councils across the UK. I want to understand why we experienced problems and what, if anything, we should, or can, do to make improvements. The rollout of the new service completed last Friday, and we can now access collection data to give us performance information to inform the review.

Since taking on this role a few weeks ago I have been monitoring the roll out closely and I can confirm that additional crews and rounds are now being deployed to ensure that future collections are not missed. I will continue to look at the customer experience whilst balancing that with the imperative that we separate our waste effectively.

“There have been complaints about the new process and the review will consider all of these and balance these against the options that we have available to us.

The review starts this week and will conclude as soon as possible, and any findings will be shared, and any learnings taken on board. If any adjustments are appropriate then recommendations will be made.

Published: 1 June 2022