Warning to residents as bogus callers target homes in Lichfield District

The police and Community Safety Team are appealing for people to be vigilant.
Homes across the Lichfield District are being targeted by bogus callers.

Lichfield District Council is appealing for residents to be on their guard against bogus callers who are tricking their way into homes.

On Tuesday 11 October there were five incidents including one where the callers claimed to be from the council.

Two women holding clipboards, but without identification, called at a property in Fecknam Way, Lichfield saying they wanted to conduct a check on the house to see if anything was broken. They were admitted to the property and a purse was later reported as stolen.

There were two similar incidents on Friday 7 October. Two women approached a house in Oakhurst, Lichfield saying they were from Lichfield District Council and were collecting donations for a new building for young children and the blind.

They did not offer identification but had a clipboard with letterheaded paper on it. After asking to use the toilet they asked for a drink but then rejected it. They left when the resident said she was not comfortable and asked them to leave.

On the same day two women approached a house in Lincoln Croft, Shenstone and said they were collecting in support of the deaf. When the male resident let them in, they asked to use the bathroom and after requesting a drink the resident brought water which they rejected.

Yvonne James, Senior Community Safety Officer at Lichfield District Council, said:

“Together with the police we are urging residents, particularly the elderly and vulnerable, to be vigilant.

“Please be aware that Lichfield District Council would never ask for doorstep donations or request to enter your home for this purpose.

“Never allow any unsolicited visitors into your home or agree to works being completed by doorstep traders.”

One of the reported incidents took place in Lichfield’s Hallam Park. On Saturday 29 October there is a community safety event from 10am to 12noon off Marshall Road.

This is being delivered by the Community Safety Partnership with representatives from the Lichfield Police, Lichfield Crime Prevention Panel and the Community Safety Team who will be offering crime prevention advice, community safety support and answering any questions from residents.

Please come along and share any of your concerns.

Published: 12 October 2022