Winter Poem Tree Trails in our parks

Download the maps to follow the trails

Take part in our winter trails in our local parks and learn all about the trees locally:

The trails are available at:

To take part in the trails, download and print the map for the trail you want to follow, visit the park and look for the tags - on the way you'll learn about the trees in the park and how important they are to our local wildlife.

Safety tips

Please follow these tips to make sure you stay safe on your trail:

✓ mind your step
✓ be especially careful near the water
✓ be mindful of other park users
× do not follow the trail in dangerous weather e.g. strong winds, ice, heavy rain and snow.

Can't find a tag?

We’ve put an eco-paint ‘splodge’ on each tree with a tag so, even if the tag is unfortunately missing at the time you visit, you’ll know you found the right tree.

If you find a missing tag, and are able to do so, please report to: or 01543 308867.