Parks and open spaces tree survey

Our parks and open spaces department is responsible for approximately 30,000 trees across its parks, open spaces, churchyards, and community amenity areas.

In January 2014 we introduced a tree management procedure, which provides guidance on how the council manages its tree stock, and sets parameters for when and where work should be completed. It also gives guidance on what tree work the council will carry out on its trees.

We also recognised the requirement to re-assess all of our trees as part of our long-term tree management strategy. We now carry out tree survey work on a rolling program with all trees being inspected between every 1 and 5 years. This work is carried out by consultants and they are unable to answer any queries while in the field.

If you have a questions relating to a tree owned by the council, please call our parks team on 01543 308867.

If your enquiry relates to a tree on private property but still within the district, visit our tree works section for more information.