Economic development strategy 2016 - 2020

Our Economic Development Strategy 2016 - 2020 sets out how we will work with partners to help boost our local economy, creating local jobs and supporting local businesses.

About the strategy

One of our key ambitions in our new Strategic Plan is to promote economic prosperity by supporting measures that enable the local economy to adapt to changing economic circumstances and to make the most of newly arising economic opportunities.

We want to see a vibrant and prosperous economy and all the benefits that this would bring to local residents and the area.

We believe we have a unique combination of strengths that put the district in a good position. The combination of our local economic and heritage assets, our location next to the national highway and rail network, the accessibility to the institutional, cultural, transport and commercial offer of the West Midlands conurbation, and excellent quality of life on offer to residents, workers and visitors alike all combine to make a strong investment offer.

How well we package this offer, present it to the market, and ensure the supporting infrastructure is in place, while maintaining, protecting and, where appropriate, growing the environmental assets that contribute to the offer, will be a key determining factor in how successful our contribution to local sustainable economic growth is.

We will do this corporately by coordinating actions across the council, explaining how each service plays into it, and how we provide the coordination and added value. Equally we will encourage, support and help shape the actions of the many partners who, working with us, will aim to deliver growth.

Our key objectives are to increase the levels of investment in the district, provide a good mix and range of employment opportunities, as far as possible balance job growth with housing provision and achieve economic prosperity across all parts of the district.

The projects outlined in our strategy will all contribute to achieving one or more of these goals, and we will do all this by addressing actions to improve our place, people and business in the round.

Download our Economic Development Strategy 2016 - 2020.

Further information

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