Live and past petitions

Past petitions

Petition against the council's withdrawal from Friary Grange Leisure Centre - received 14 July 2019

A petition in relation to Cabinet's decision to withdraw from Friary Grange Leisure Centre by April 2020 was received on Sunday 14 July 2019. The petition received over 12,000 signatures (both on and via paper). View the petition on

A public meeting took place in response to the petition on 7 October 2019 and Cabinet recommended to keep the leisure centre open - find out more.

Petition against planning application for 15 Gaiafields (17/01629/FUL) - received 14 December 2017

A petition to request the council refuse the planning application for 15 Gaiafields Lane (17/01629/FUL) on the basis that:

  • the proposed development represents a significant over-development of the site and will create terracing which will be detrimental to the street scene and in conflict with the council's SPD for sustainable development
  • the proposal to build a full 2-storey property is incongruent with the row of bungalow/dormer bungalows within which it sits
  • the parking facilities are insufficient for the size of the property and will create a highways issues
  • the proposed electric gates will not allow full exiting from the highway to those vehicles accessing the property and cause highways congestion
  • the development poses a real safety issue to the TPO tree situated on the adjacent property
  • the construction of the outbuilding with full kitchen and bathroom facilities will in real terms represent a separate dwelling and cause a nuisance to the adjacent properties in Gaiafields Crescent and sets a dangerous precedent in terms of development and loss of rear amenity spaces, again in conflict with our SPD.

The petition was signed by 35 local residents and was considered as part of the planning process for the application.

Community transport petition - received 6 September 2016

A petition to stop the closure of the community transport service was received on 6 September 2016 with 110 signatures stating: "We feel that the closure of this service will have a direct negative effect on me and other older people in the local community. This service is integral for facilitating access to services which improve socialisation and overall health and wellbeing."

The petition was signed by 100 people and was submitted by Caroline Bruno, Scheme Manager, Lichfield & District Live at Home Scheme and considered by the relevant cabinet member on 13 September 2016.

Rejected petitions

Currently, no petitions have yet been rejected.