Step-by-step guide to making a paper petition

What action will be taken

Once a petition has been considered, we will write to the petition author and post the information on the website. Depending on the petition, this could include:

  • setting out our views about the petition's request.
  • explaining that we will take the action requested in the petition.
  • explaining why we will not take the action requested in the petition.
  • explaining what action we will take, if any, in response to the petition.
  • giving advice about how the subject raised in the petition might be pursued.

If the petition is about something a different council or organisation is responsible for, we will not display it on our website and may provide guidance to the petition author as to who they should send it to.

We will contact the petition author to tell them what action we have or are planning to take, and will publish this information on the website.