Defibrillator guidance

You may or may not need planning permission if you want to install a defibrillator on the outside of a building in the district.

This will depend on its size, location, and whether or not it constitutes development. 

If you hope to install an external defibrillator, please contact the development management team and we can advise you.

If you plan to install a defibrillator inside a building you will not need planning permission, but you will need to get listed buildings consent if you plan to install it within a listed building.

How will we decide whether planning permission is required?

We will determine whether planning permission is required based on the details of the individual case. 

Case law indicates that whether the erection of a structure is development it is a matter of fact and degree taking into account a number of factors, including its size, physical attachment and degree of permanence. 

These are the kind of matters we will look at in advising whether or not in our view an external defibrillator would require planning permission.