CIL process for developers

Payment, payment in kind and instalments

Payment can be made via telephone, cheque, or the online payment system (select 'pay an invoice').

Please see the reverse of your invoice for further details on payment methods.

Instalments policy

To support developers bringing forward new schemes, we, as the CIL charging authority for its area, will permit the payment of CIL through instalments in accordance with the CIL regulations and the instalments policy.

Payment in kind

In order to enable flexibility in delivery and also ensure timely delivery of infrastructure during the local plan strategy period, we have adopted CIL payment in kind policy.

This policy will enable applicants to suggest an alternative approach to the delivery of infrastructure. Applicants accessing the Policy could deliver a required infrastructure item as an alternative to providing a cash contribution.

It should be noted that the Policy includes no commitment for us to accept any proposed alternative delivery option over a CIL charge.