The planning committee

About speaking at the committee

If you are the applicant or have written to us either in support or to object to an application, then you potentially have an opportunity to make verbal representations to the committee. Only one person may speak on behalf of each group. 

This includes one objector, one supporter, in addition to the applicant/applicants agent.

In the case of objectors or supporters, if there are more than one then agreement must be reached on one person to present their case. Failure to reach agreement amongst those registering to speak will result in only the first person registered being called. Scroll down to find out how to register in writing, or contact the committee clerk on 01543 308075

Does the recommendation of the officer affect who may speak?

The recommendation of the officers does not determine who may make representations to the committee.

If an application is recommended for refusal, verbal submissions in support of the application may be offered either by the applicant/agent or any other supporter who has made written representations to this effect to us. If an application is recommended for approval an objector to that application may make representations to the committee, but any representations made by objectors will automatically trigger a right of reply by the applicant/agent. Scroll down to find out how to register in writing, or contact the committee clerk on 01543 308075.  

When does public speaking take place?

The agenda will be considered in chronological order and when an item, against which speakers are registered, is introduced by the planning officer the chairman will then call upon the speaker to make their representations to the committee.

Where different parties wish to speak, they will be heard in the order of objector, supporter and then the applicant/agent.

How long does each speaker have?

The speaker will be allowed a maximum of five minutes within which to present their case. 

At the end of the five minute period, the speaker will be instructed by the chairman to cease and no further verbal submissions will be received.

What can I say?

Representations to the committee must be:

  • relevant to the application
  • relate to planning considerations
  • a statement of fact, or
  • a statement of personal opinion

The submissions should focus upon the planning merits of the proposal and any submission outside of these areas may lead to the interjection of the Chairman. No new written or visual information will be accepted at the meeting, except with the prior agreement of the Chairman.

How can a registration of interest to speak be recorded?

The planning agenda will be released for public viewing 5 working days prior to the meeting of the planning committee.

As soon as it is known that a particular application is to be reported to the committee all those who have made written representations on that application will be offered an opportunity to make verbal submissions. If you wish to take up this offer, a tear off form is provided, which should be then returned to our committee clerk by 2pm on the Thursday prior to the meeting.

Only requests in writing will be considered as a formal request to be heard. For further information relating to the planning committee and when it meets please contact the committee clerk on 01543 308075.

Conduct of public speaker

All speakers must conduct themselves in an orderly manner and should ensure that they contribute to the proper conduct of the planning committee. They will not be subjected to questions or other interrogation by either officers or members of the committee, and speakers will not be permitted to directly question any officers or members present at the committee meeting. If a speaker has requested the opportunity to address the committee, the relevant application will not be deferred if that speaker is subsequently unable to attend the meeting.

Speakers will only be able to address the committee once.  

If the committee therefore determines to defer the application following verbal submissions, those submissions cannot be repeated at subsequent meetings unless expressly agreed by the chairman.