Determining future housing need

We produce a range of strategies and plans, which outline how we will work in partnership to meet our priorities for housing that are set in our Housing Strategy.

We also work with our housing association partners to try to develop a wide range of new affordable homes.

In addition to this we monitor the number of empty homes in the district, and work to try and bring them back into use. For more information, see the empty properties page.

We determine future housing needs in a number of ways, including:

Strategic housing market assessment 

In 2012, Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners was appointed to complete a strategic housing market assessment, which looks at the future population, household projections and housing needs of the area.

This document has been fed into our Local Plan and provides a detailed analysis of housing demand and housing need for the district and whole housing market area.

Housing stock condition survey

In summer 2010 we commissioned housing research consultants CPC Ltd to undertake a district-wide housing stock condition survey. This survey has provided us with:

  • An overall housing stock condition profile for the district.
  • An assessment of the energy efficiency of housing stock in the district.
  • An assessment of funding required to rectify defective dwellings in the district.

The stock condition survey also provides us with up to date baseline information which can then be used to inform all future housing strategies and will enable us to target our limited resources more effectively at specific areas or groups of residents within the district.

To find out more, visit our housing strategies section.