HS2 and Lichfield District

Future actions

We are starting to receive schedule 17 consent submissions by HS2 necessary to allow it build the railway (Phase 1) and in some locations enabling works have begun.

HS2 (under a service level agreement with Lichfield District Council) will cover the costs of the work created as a result of this process.

Both Lichfield District Council and Staffordshire County Council sit on a route-wide planning forum that brings together all relevant local planning authorities impacted upon by Phase 1 and representatives from HS2 Limited.

The forum will continue to be the conduit for raising and addressing issues in respect of implementing the act.

Meetings have recently taken place with representatives of HS2 Limited to hear about the planned development of community engagement strategies, and how these will be presented and implemented.

With the assistance of our Parliamentary advisors, we will monitor the progression of the hybrid bill to ensure the views of the council are represented appropriately and the proposed changes are included within the hybrid bill.

This section was last updated on 11 June 2019.