Waste less guide

Christmas recycling tips

  • Recycle your real Christmas tree in your brown bin if you are subscribed to our garden waste service. Make sure you chop it up and can close the lid. Find out about our garden waste service
  • Avoid glittery/shiny wrapping paper – consider using paper that doesn’t contain foil or glitter as we can't recycle paper that does.
  • Donate any unwanted presents to charity shops.
  • Recycle old electrical items (perhaps you got a replacement one as a present!) at your nearest household recycling centre or tip. Find out about local tips.
  • Recycle plan paper Christmas cards. Any cards with glitter or foil should go in your black bin as we can’t recycle them.
  • Reuse your food leftovers - find plenty of festive recipes for leftovers at www.lovefoodhatewaste.com.
  • Recycle your cardboard boxes – remember to flatten them so you can fit more into your blue bin. If you fill up your blue bin over Christmas, put extra recycling in clear, tied bags and place them next to your blue bin on collection day.
  • Soiled paper plates, napkins and cups cannot be recycled – please put them in your black bin.
  • Sweet tins, mince pie cases, and plastic bottles, tubs and trays can all be recycled in your blue bin.