Waste less guide

Waste less plastic - advice for residents

With the increasing awareness of the harm it is doing to the environment, we're highlighting the issue of plastic pollution and how to avoid plastic packaging and throwaway items through our Waste Less Plastic campaign.  

As part of this, we've produced a poster that features nine top tips about how to avoid using single use plastics.  

Our top nine tips are:

  1. Bring a water bottle
  2. Bring your own bag
  3. Bring your own coffee cup
  4. Bring a packed lunch
  5. Use a cloth not a wipe
  6. Say no to plastic straws
  7. Choose loose fruit and vegetables
  8. Choose glass packaging
  9. Recycle your plastic waste

We are hoping lots of people, groups and organisations will download our Waste Less Plastic poster and display it at community halls, shops and local venues.

These tips are just the start, and there are many more ways to cut down on the plastic we use in our day-to-day lives. If you have a top tip, please tell us what it is via our Twitter or Facebook accounts.

If you have more questions on plastic recycling, check out Wrap's website Clear on Plastics, which cuts through the confusion on plastics.