Alternative energy grants

If you use alternative fuels for heating

Most households will automatically get a £200 Alternative Fuels Payment Alternative (AFP) if they use alternative fuels for most of their heating, such as liquid petroleum gas (LPG), oil or solid fuel.

If you do not get an automatic payment, you will need to apply to the government for a £200 Alternative Fuels Payment Alternative Alternative Fund (AFP AF). You can only make one application per household.

Eligible homes

You may be eligible to apply if you use alternative fuels for heating and your home is:

  • in a residential park home.
  • on a boat on a permanent residential mooring.
  • on a permanent gypsy and traveller site.
  • part of a heat network without an electricity meter.
  • in social or private rented accommodation which has a business energy connection or a communal electricity supply.
  • off the mains electricity or gas grid.
  • part of a business property (such as a farm or a flat above a shop).

Who cannot apply

You cannot apply if you’ve already had an automatic payment. If you think you should have got a payment but have not, contact your electricity supplier. You also cannot apply if you live:

  • in purpose-built student accommodation.
  • in a care home.
  • on a boat as a continuous cruiser (currently under review).
  • on a non-permanent caravan or mobile home site (currently under review).
  • in accommodation provided by your employer (such as seasonal workers, ‘service occupiers’, security guards, building caretakers).
  • in a building where you’re acting as a property guardian.
  • in business premises, such as a pub or hotel, where your address is the same as the business address.

Before you start

You will need:

  • an email address or phone number (if you have one).
  • your bank account details.
  • proof that you’ve spent £200 on alternative fuels to heat your home since September 2022 (for example, a delivery note or receipt).

If you’re not registered for council tax

You’ll need to upload proof of address (such as a full, current UK driving licence or tenancy agreement) as part of your application.

Apply online

Apply now

What you need to know

After you apply via the government portal, we will check you live at the address you apply for and that you use alternative fuels to heat your home.

You’ll be told about the progress of your application by email or letter. You should get a response within 6 weeks.

If you’re eligible, we will arrange a one-off payment.

Due to annual billing and the implementation of a new local council tax support scheme, we will not start processing claims until late March/early April 2023, and we expect the first payments to be made in early/mid April 2023. 

If you need help to apply

If you cannot apply online, call the helpline.

Telephone: 0808 175 3287
Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm
Find out about call charges