High hedges guidance

A hedge can be a great boundary between properties as it provides nesting places for birds, gives shelter for small animals and birds moving through gardens and can be an attractive backdrop for other trees and plants. In some cases however tall evergreen hedges can cause problems for those living nearby.

If your neighbour's hedges are causing concern, we first advise you to talk to your neighbour - they may be unaware that it is causing you a problem. Take some time to think about what problems you are having, write them down if it helps, so that you can approach your neighbour calmly. Sometimes taking a few photos to show them can help them appreciate your concerns.

If you have tried and exhausted all other avenues for resolving your hedge dispute, you can now take your complaint about a neighbour's evergreen hedge to us. We have powers to deal with complaints about high hedges. The law relates only to hedges that are composed mainly of evergreen trees. Often these are conifer hedges.

There is no rule setting a maximum height for conifer hedges across the country. We can only set a height for a hedge if the formal complaint procedure is undertaken. Each hedge is assessed on its own merits and in relation to the properties around it. 

Find out more about the high hedges regulations on gov.uk. This information gives guidance on who can complain, what you need to do in order to make a complaint, what the legislation means for a hedge owner and how a complaint is dealt with.

If you have a question about high hedge regulations, email us about high hedges or call us on 01543 308274

Please note that we cannot mediate between neighbours, give specific advice or visit your property, unless a complaint is registered. This is to make sure we are impartial so that we can act as an independent decision-maker.