Tree works

Notify us about work on trees in conservation areas

If you wish to work on trees not protected by a TPO, but in a conservation area, you must tell us, giving six weeks notice. You must not carry out any work within those six weeks or until we have confirmed that we have no objections to the works being carried out.

You do not have use our application form, as long as your notification is given in writing and clearly indicates which trees are included, the works required and the reasons why the work is proposed. However many people find it useful to use our application form.

More information can be found in the government's guidance on tree preservation orders and conservation orders.

There is no charge for making an application or submitting a notice.

The application/consent process

Once your application or notice is received, one of our arboricultural officers will assess it. You will receive an acknowledgement letter to let you know that we have received your application or notice. A site visit may be made to assess the work but in many cases, where the work is simple in nature, no site visit is necessary. After the proposed work has been inspected, we will consult the local ward councillors for their comments on your application. This normally takes two weeks and councillors have the ability to call in an application to be determined by the planning committee. If this is the case then we will contact you to let you know what happens next.

If the work you propose is acceptable, a decision notice will be sent to you. Once you have the decision notice stating that the work is acceptable, you may carry out the work.

Refused applications

If your application is fully or partially refused, we will write to you with our decision. You can appeal against this decision. A leaflet is available giving information on the appeal process

More information can also be found in the frequently asked questions leaflet.

More information about TPOs

Download the copy of our tree preservation orders (TPOs) and trees in conservation areas leaflet or call 01543 308000 to have a copy sent to you. The leaflet includes information about why TPOs are made, what work is restricted on TPO trees and trees in conservation areas, how to apply for consent for work or give notice of proposed work and what happens if a TPO is made on your tree.