Complain about a council service

If you feel we are doing something wrong, or have provided a poor service, please tell us, so we can put it right. 

We are always striving to improve our services, so please let us know if you have service improvement suggestions.

The quickest way to sort out a problem is to let is know and give us a chance to put it right, before making a formal complaint - the best way to do this is to contact the team responsible for the service.

If we don't put things right, please submit a formal complaint, so we can look into your issue in more depth using our two-stage complaints process.

Before submitting a complaint, please also check the list below, which outlines things that are not handled through our complaints process.

Report a problem

If you want to make a missed bin, noise, smoke, anti-social behaviour, graffiti, or other complaint about issues in the local area - we've got lots of online forms in our report it section to help you do this. 

Road problems including potholes, gritting bins

If you want to make a complaint about potholes or gritting bins and roads, please report it to Staffordshire County Council.

Planning appeals

If you are the applicant and you are not happy about a planning decision, please follow the planning appeal process.

Councillor complaints

If you want to complain about a councillor, find out about councillor complaints.

Insurance claims

Find out about insurance claims.

Make a workplace health and safety complaint

Fill in our workplace health and safety complaint form.

Reopening complaints

We cannot reopen a complaint after a decision has been made by the Local Government Ombudsman. 

In addition, we cannot reopen a complaint that have already been through court/tribunal proceedings, or where a separate appeals process exists.

Make a complaint

Make a complaint