Polling stations for Tamworth parliamentary by-election

Tamworth parliamentary polling stations

The by-election for the parliamentary constituency of Tamworth will take place on Thursday 19 October 2023, following the resignation of Christopher Pincher as a Member of Parliament on Thursday 7 September. 

Residents living in the Tamworth constituency, who are registered to vote, will start to receive their poll cards from 23 September. This includes a number of Lichfield district residents in Bourne Vale including Hints, Stonnall and Whittington; Mease Valley, including Clifton Campville, Edingale and Harlaston; Stonnall, Fazeley; Coton, Hopwas, Elford and Wiggington.

The poll cards include information on how to arrange a postal or proxy vote for those who cannot make it to their polling station on Thursday 19 October.

A full list of polling stations being used are available here.