Festive health and safety advice

Through Lichfield District Safer Community Partnership,we are promoting 24 safety messages in the run up to Christmas.

Here are the 24 top tips for a safer and happier Christmas:

Day 1: Accidents don’t have to happen. With a little more care and planning, most accidents can be avoided. Find out safety tips.

Day 2: Don’t give a thief an early Christmas present and keep you phones and wallets safe. Find out personal safety advice

Day 3: Always defrost your car windscreen and windows before you set off. Find out about road safety.

Day 4: Don’t get stuck in a new debt trap and pay your rent before it is spent. Find out advice.

Day 5: Make sure you buy children's gifts for the correct age group and from reputable retailers, and ensure they comply to safety standards. Find out more.

Day 6: Don’t struggle with a cold home this Christmas. Keep warm, keep well. Call our energy efficiency advice line for support on 0800 677 1543 or find out more.

Day 7: Not everyone is welcome this Christmas. Keep your home secure. Find out how to protect your home.

Day 8: Violence doesn’t stop at Christmas. Please seek help. Find out more.

Day 9: Be aware of hoaxes and scams. For a fraud free Christmas check out Action Fraud's advice.

Day 10: Don’t go treading on thin ice. Find out more.

Day 11: A pet is for life not just for Christmas. Find out more.

Day 12: You are not alone this Christmas. Whatever you're going through, The Samaritans will listen 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Day 13: Don’t bully… be a friend and choose respect this Christmas. Find out more.

Day 14: Support your local businesses and #LoveLocal this Christmas.

Day 15: Stay safe online this Christmas. CEOP tackles child sexual exploitation and abuse, online and offline. Find out more.

Day 16: Make Christmas bright but don’t set it alight. Turn off our Christmas lights. Fire safety advice

Day 17: Don’t fall fowl this Christmas – defrost food safely, including your Christmas turkey. Find out food safety tips.

Day 18: Be aware of scams this festive season and take five to stop fraud. Find out more.

Day 19: Is your transport ready for winter? Drive safely. Drive safely this Christmas especially if it’s icy. Find out more.

Day 20: No means no. Pathway supports adults, young people and children who are experiencing or affected by domestic abuse. Find out more

Day 21: How are you getting home tonight? Travel safely. Find out more about local public transport.

Day 22: Are you fit to drive? Volatile substance abuse (glues, gases and aerosols) can lead to slurred speech and drunken behaviour. Find out more.

Day 23: Be a good neighbour this Christmas and check on an elderly person. Find out more.

Day 24: Wishing you a safe and happy Christmas from Lichfield District Safer Community Partnership.