Pest control service


We do not offer a service to treat pigeons. It is also illegal to kill any bird, or destroy their eggs or nests, without a government licence. Don't be tempted to do it yourself.

We work to reduce the population through high standards of street cleansing supported by littering and waste enforcement.

If you need help with a pigeon problem please speak to a private pest control service. There are also products on the market, such as spike strips, which physically prevent the birds landing on your property limiting the nesting and roosting sites. For more information on the control of pigeons visit the pigeon control advisory service website.

Feral pigeons are found in all rural areas due the abundance of food and nesting sites. They nest all year round usually laying two white eggs which hatch 18 days later. The young leave the nest about 4-5 weeks after hatching.

Feral pigeons often nest in or around buildings - under eaves, bridges or anywhere else where there is shelter. Any form of heat source will make it even more attractive to them.

Food is the most important factor determining the size of a pigeon population and the reasonable solution to pigeon problems is to restrict food availability by using branch feeders and limiting the amount of food left on the ground.