Pest control service


To book Opkill call 0800 980 4142 - when calling, let the member of staff know you are a resident of Lichfield District - treatments cost £69.00 + VAT. There is a one working day response time (providing Opkill can access your property).

An out of hours service is available for cases that pose a serious and urgent threat to health, which costs an extra £39.

There is a minimum of two visits and a maximum of three (all included in the quoted cost).

About mice

The house mouse is common in a wide range of urban and rural buildings all over the UK. Although mainly a house dweller it can be found in either urban or rural areas.

They are rodents, brown/grey in colour with slightly lighter under parts. They have comparatively large ears, pointed snouts and long tails. An average adult mouse weighs 12-22g, with an overall length of around 165mm.

They must gnaw continually to wear down their rapidly growing incisor teeth. They are good climbers, and can swim if necessary, although they tend to avoid water. They have poor eyesight, and are colour blind but they have an excellent sense of taste and acute hearing.

They are sexually mature at six weeks old and can produce up to eight litters a year, with an average litter size of 4-8 young. They have a life span of between 9-12 months.

House mice are usually nocturnal, rodents - they do not live in sewers.

Mice generally prefer to eat cereals, but will eat many different foods. They do not need access to free water, as they can get any moisture they need from their food.

They may carry a number of infectious diseases that can pose a risk to humans and animals. They can also contaminate food.

Preventing mice from gaining access to buildings will reduce the chances of them moving in and becoming established. Proofing buildings can be achieved by blocking openings through which mice can enter the building. Check airbricks are in place and intact (do not block them) and inspect for access points around gas, electricity and water pipes. Check that doors fit tightly.

If you intend to carry out your own treatment, read the label of the pesticide container and follow the instructions carefully.