WhatsApp us with your waste and recycling queries

Black and blue wheelie bins

We are launching WhatsApp customer services in late July 2024.

Once launched, instead of calling us, you will be able to send us a query, initially with questions about bins and recycling, through our verified WhatsApp account .

How to contact us via WhatsApp

Start a chat by sending a WhatsApp message to 01543 308171.

If you are asking a specific question about your property, please remember to include your address and postcode. 

Please be aware you won't get an immediate answer - we'll aim to answer within two hours and no later than the end of each working day if you contact us before 4pm.

If you WhatsApp us after 4pm or outside of working hours, we will get back to you on the next working day.

What kind of support can I ask for on WhatsApp?

Good examples of what you can WhatsApp us for include:

  • ordering a new blue bag
  • asking whether you can recycle an item in your blue bin
  • asking whether bin collections have been delayed

If you ask us more complex questions, we may respond by including a link to an online form we need you to complete - for example if you want to order a replacement black bin or subscribe to our garden waste service.

We will not handle confidential or sensitive conversations by WhatsApp - we are likely to call you if you need to discuss sensitive information with us. 

Rolling out WhatsApp

If our WhatsApp trial is successful and customers like it, we will roll WhatsApp out to wider services.

If you use the WhatsApp service, please give us your feedback on whether or not you liked the experience. 

Give us your feedback

About your privacy

We have a verified business account with Meta, which has been authenticated using a multi-step verification process to help you know you are chatting with the authentic Lichfield District Council.

A verified badge is displayed on our WhatsApp profile to give you more confidence when engaging with us via WhatsApp. 

verified business

When you chat to us via our verified WhatsApp business account, we will only use the information you give us to help us process your query or request. Find out more about chatting via WhatsApp.

Please read our privacy notice to find out more about how we process and protect your data.