City centre pedestrianisation trial

City centre pedestrianisation trial

Lichfield city centre pedestrianisation

We are running a trial pedestrianisation scheme in Lichfield City centre (as part of an experimental traffic regulation order).

As part of the trial, vehicle movement is restricted within the pedestrianised zone at all times, which includes Market Street, Tamworth Street (beyond the signs), Conduit Street, Breadmarket Street, Bore Street, Dam Street, Sandford Street (beyond the signs) and Bird Street (beyond the signs).

We have been listening to local feedback and have been testing different approaches to pedestrianisation throughout the trial.

Based on local feedback we have changed the restrictions for the final six months of the trial (March - August 2024) before a final decision on pedestrianisation is made.

The following new restrictions are now in place in the pedestrianised zone:

  • Blue badge holders can drive through the pedestrianised zone to access parking in signed bays on Bore Street (only) at any time.
  • If you are a Blue Badge holder, please do not stop/park in any other area of the pedestrianised zone on your way to park in Bore Street, as you may be issued with a fine.
  • Valid permit holders can drive through the pedestrianised zone at any time.
  • Deliveries can be made within the pedestrianised zone at any time.

Please be aware from Monday 22 July 2024 parking fines (known as penalty charge notices) will be issued to anyone not following the new restrictions within the pedestrianised zone.

The aim of the trial is to make the city even more vibrant, welcoming and attractive to visitors and shoppers.

If you receive a parking fine, find out how to pay.