Talk to us about a major development

Key information you will need to provide

As part of the pre-appliation process you will need to provide draft proposals at the earliest stage possible in the process (ideally two weeks in advance of any meetings). As a minimum first approach, they should include the following:

  • location plan
  • brief description of the development proposed, ideally with an indication of architectural approach/materials
  • plans/description of the existing site/land use; and
  • plans of the proposed land-use/development showing relationship to adjacent development
  • photographs of the site
  • appropriate pre-application fee (see pre-application schedule of fees)
  • provision of draft supporting documents at the earliest possible stage, for comment by us
  • attendance at organised strategic project team meetings

The case officer will liaise with you or your agent within five working days of receipt of the pre-application query to confirm a time limited appointment for the appropriate meeting at which their proposal is to be discussed.

In response, we (the local planning authority) will:

  • notify you of the appointment of a lead case officer to ensure coordination with relevant parties and communication with the developer or their agent
  • provide availability of appropriate disciplines and experts to advise on the submission, in the form of a development team
  • give written advice at a pre-application stage to confirm our views on any submitted pre-application proposal
  • provide support and advice in relation to pre-application consultation, as may be required to conform with our statement of community involvement
  • provide access to guidance documents in relation to the validation of planning applications, Section 106 templates and standard clauses, information in relation to relevant policies and proposals, and any other relevant supplementary planning documents