Talk to us about a major development


We aim to acknowledge all major pre-app requests within five working days, and process most pre-apps and give you feedback within either six weeks.

We will assign an officer (of appropriate seniority), depending on the scale and nature of the proposal.

If a meeting is not required

Written advice will normally be provided within or 30 working days (six weeks) of receipt of request for major proposals.

If a meeting is required

  • You will be contacted within five working days to arrange a date for the meeting.
  • The allocated case officer will meet with you, in addition to other relevant parties, depending on the scale and nature of the proposal.
  • More strategic major proposals will include councillor involvement.
  • Our schedule of charges sets out how many meetings will be included within the fee.
  • If further meetings are requested then additional charges will apply, which will be payable in advance of the meeting/s.

Feedback from meetings

Following meeting the lead case officer will circulate a note of the meeting within 10 working days of the meeting, unless otherwise agreed at the meeting.

Our written note of the meeting will aim to:

  • Provide a brief summary of the discussion and highlight key issue raised by the proposal.
  • Highlight whether the principle of the development is supported by the prevailing planning policy.
  • Highlight the key issues to be addressed by the planning application submission to make it likely to be acceptable in planning terms.
  • Identify the documentation that will be required to support an application.
  • Provide a list of relevant consultee contacts details so that the applicant can further develop their proposals.
  • Provide an indication of any subsequent pre-application meetings that may be required. This is particularly the case for significant strategic applications and may involve a more in depth project management approach. In these cases, the feedback from the PTM meeting should ideally include an outline project plan to include key stages in the process with target dates and milestones, and how the key issues will be resolved and who is responsible for key tasks. This approach is consistent with the feedback from communities and local government regarding proposals for LPAs and developers to enter into planning performance agreements.