Conservation areas

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Conservation areas are designated to protect an area's special architectural and historic interest from adverse development and encourage its enhancement.

There are 22 conservation areas in Lichfield District - find out if your home/business is in a conservation area.

If your home or business is in a conservation area there may be restrictions over any demolition or alterations you may wish to carry out. Article 4 Directions can also be issued within conservation areas to give further protection and can place restrictions over works such as the removal of timber windows, doors, chimneys and painting of previously unpainted brickwork.

There are currently three areas with Article 4 Directions including Mousley Terrace, Frog Lane and the St Chad's extension to Lichfield city. Find out more about Article 4 directions.

If your home or business is in a conservation area or affected by an Article 4 Direction, use our planning enquiry form to find out more about what you need to consider for your building project. 

If you still have a query after using our enquiry form, please find out how to get planning advice