Conservation areas

Conservation area appraisals and management plans

Conservation area appraisal and management plans are being carried out and compliment the relevant policies in our local plan.

The appraisals help to record, protect and enhance the character and appearance of local conservation areas as part of the plan. They also help shape how decisions are made about conservation areas in future years.

So far we have carried out the following:

Alrewas: appraisal & management plan

Clifton Campville: appraisal & management plan

Colton: appraisal and management plan

Drayton Basset: appraisal and management plan

Elford: appraisal and management plan

Fazeley and Bonehill: appraisal and management plan

Fradley Junction: appraisal and management plan

Harlaston: appraisal and management plan

Haunton: appraisal and management plan

Hints: appraisal and management plan

Hopwas: appraisal and management plan

Kings Bromley: appraisal & management plan

Lichfield City: full appraisal (report in sections: introduction and overviewcultural spacesresidential outskirtscommercial core)

Little Aston: appraisal & management plan 

Mavesyn Ridware: appraisal and management plan

Shenstone: appraisal & management plan

Wall: area appraisal and management plan

Wigginton: area appraisal & management plan