Pre-application advice (for householders and non-major apps)

A collaborative approach

It is important to realise that effective pre-application discussion will only be achieved where there is commitment from both the developer and us.

As the local planning authority, we will provide a consistent and fair approach to pre-application discussions in relation to all forms of planning proposals.

We will also commit to the following in providing pre-application advice:

  • Provide a named point of contact who will lead on the pre-application discussion. 
  • Arrange meetings, where requested and provide timely information.
  • Involve, where possible, other key consultees in discussions.
  • Seek to identify key issues or constraints relevant to the proposal.
  • Undertake a review of relevant planning history related to the site.
  • Provide advice on groups or organisations that you may wish to additional consult as part of the pre-application consultation.
  • Ensure that negotiations and discussions involve the right staff and we provide a coordinated view.
  • Identify any information that will be required for the planning application.
  • Provide a written response to the pre-application query in a timely manner.
  • Where requested, provide guidance on the determination process including a guide to the timescales within which an application will be determined.

Developer will be expected to:

Provide information in advance for consideration/discussion, including:

  • location plan
  • layout plan (preferably to scale)
  • description of the proposals, including dimensions
  • notes of any existing features or buildings within the site i.e. trees or water courses
  • any required fee (see schedule of fees for pre-application advice).

Additional information can also be submitted i.e. plans of the existing site/land use and sketches/plans of the proposed form of development. The more information provided can ensure we provide a more accurate response.

The developer will also be expected to:

  • allow time/resources to engage in discussions
  • respond within any mutually agreed timescales
  • attend meetings or allow site access where required.