Pre-apps for householders and non major applications

How long does it take?

We aim to acknowledge all pre-app requests within five working days, and process most pre-apps and give you feedback within four weeks.

We will assign an officer (of appropriate seniority), depending on the scale and nature of the proposal.

If a meeting is required

  • You will be contacted within five working days to arrange a date for the meeting.
  • The allocated case officer will meet with you, in addition to other relevant parties, depending on the scale and nature of the proposal.
  • If further meetings are requested additional charges will apply, which will be payable in advance of the meeting/s.
  • A response will be provided within ten working days of the meeting, unless an alternative timescale has been agreed. 

If a meeting is not required

  • Written advice will normally be provided within 20 working days (four weeks) of receipt of request.

We will endeavour to meet these timescales, although there may be certain occasions when circumstances prevent this. If this should occur, then we will update you with a revised target date to provide the advice.