General election results

Lichfield constituency result

woman placing vote in ballot box

A general election took place on Thursday 4 July 2024.

The following candidates stood for election in the general election in the Lichfield constituency.

Dave Robertson of the Labour Party was duly elected as the MP for the Lichfield constituency.

Name of candidate (in alphabetical order) Description (if given) Votes
Fabricant, Michael The Conservative Party Candidate 16,422
Howard, Richard William Reform UK 9,734
Longman, Pete Independent 322
Madden, John Patrick   98
McNeillis, Heather Kirsty Green Party 1,724
Ray, Paul William Wakelin Liberal Democrats 3,572
Robertson, Dave Labour Party 17,232 Elected

Rejected ballot papers

  • Want of an official mark - 0
  • Voting for more candidates than the voter was entitled to - 24
  • Writing or mark by which the voter can be identified - 0
  • Being marked or wholly void for uncertainty - 135
  • Total - 159

Electorate: 76,118

Ballots issued: 49,267

Turnout 64.72%