Help with your council tax bill

Local council tax support helps people on a low income pay for their council tax bill - used to be known as council tax benefit. Read our council tax reduction scheme.

You do not have to be unemployed, or unable to work, to claim council tax support.

You will not qualify for council tax support if:

  • You are of working age and you having savings over £6,000, unless you receive income-related Employment Support Allowance, income-based Job Seekers Allowance or Income Support.
  • You are of pensionable age and you have savings over £16,000, unless you receive Pension Credit Guarantee.
  • You are living with/paying board to a close relative (although second adult rebate may be claimed by the homeowner if they are of pensionable age).
  • You are from outside the UK and do not have access to public funds.

If you are entitled to support, you won't receive a payment - instead, we'll take the amount you are entitled to off your council tax bill. If your bill is not entirely discounted, you will still have to pay the remaining balance over the course of the year. We'll set out how much you need to pay in your council tax bill.

Find out how to apply

Please note: Our benefits system is not available between 2am & 2.15am (Monday - Thursdays) and 2am & 4am (early Saturday mornings) to allow for maintenance to take place. Please do not use our benefits system between these times, as you may lose your data. Thank you.